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Making a small garden look bigger can be a challenge. Whether you have Hampton Court or a postage stamp, size really doesn’t matter when it comes to gardens. In this blog we’re offering our top tips on making the most of the space you have available and tricks to expand your garden with some gardening slight of hand!

1. Create sections!
It seems like completely the wrong idea, but by dividing a small space into smaller areas based on their function can actually help give a little garden some breathing room. Think about features such as a welcoming pathway, an al fresco dining area, a vegetable garden and flowers for filling vases.

good housekeeping

2. Reflect the Sky!
An inventive way to make a small garden seem as big as the great outdoors is to bring the sky into the garden. A water garden or feature creates a mirrored surface that reflects the sky and light into this small space. If your garden has trees, trim them so branches don’t block the sky. Maintaining the upward view really enhances tight quarters with a spacious ambience. Take a look at our great selection of water features!


3. Dress the Walls
Be creative with your planting and leave ground level beds behind. Invest in wall planters or a wooden wall trellis that supports simple planting boxes. You can also create interest by lining walls with interesting and decorative tiles!

Burnham Market Show Garden


4. Going green!
Keep lawn area to a minimum in small-space gardens. This allows other areas to work harder, and it also saves you from investing a lot of effort into lawn maintenance. In small gardens, make sure planting beds feature easy-to-mow shapes and edges. Choose a low-maintenance turf that’s adapted to your region!


5. The Devil is in the Detail!
Invest in unusual containers and planters or other artful touches to make your small garden look bigger and create big sense of style. Choosing a signature colour or planter, such as a sculpture, and using it repeatedly throughout a small garden unifies the space and gives it a polished look.


Orca Shark Sandstone Sculpture
Orca Shark Sandstone Sculpture