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birds on bird feeder

Throughout the summer we have watched the birds flit from the birdbath to the feeders pecking on peanuts and seeds put out for them. However now the weather is turning it’s time to think about keeping the birds (that are staying with us for the season) warm and dry this Autumn and Winter.

Autumn is when many birds form flocks – from parties of long-tailed tits to huge flocks of waders on coastal estuaries and murmurations of starlings. Look for flocks of jackdaws, rooks and carrion crows flying to woodland roosts on Autumn evenings. If you live near the coast look for great skeins of migratory geese which arrive from Arctic breeding grounds to spend the winter with us.

If your bird house has been used in the summer it’s a good idea to clean it out in the autumn. Remove any old nests as this will make sure there is room for a new nest next year and reduce the risk of bird parasites overwintering in the box. Wear gloves when you do this job and always work in twos with someone holding the ladder if you have to use one. The same should be done with your bird feeders, give them a good clean and top them as the chillier months roll in!

There’s nothing more calming than seeing a bird at home in your garden, we’ve had first hand experience of this when a family of Blue Tits moved into one of our Colby bird houses in our showroom, we even caught it on video…

Our delightful selection of bird feeders, baths and houses are perfect for encouraging wild life into your garden. We’ve used only the best quality copper, mango wood and  powder coated steel and each has it’s own appeal, whether you’re looking to  fit it to a wall or have it hang from trees in the garden. Take a look at our selection here. And make sure to follow the RSPB on twitter for the latest news and updates on the birds as we move into the exciting Autumn months.