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Here at Foras, we have recently had the incredible opportunity to work with ITV and Alan Titchmarsh’s Love Your Garden on a project that is very special and close to many people’s hearts. The garden project is at 6 Central Avenue, Hucknall and is for a wonderful family of 4, Daniel, Jordan and their twins Lola and Jasper.

Daniel was tragically diagnosed with a genetic type of Alzheimer’s at 30 which his father also had and sadly passed away when he was just 36. Daniel was once a landscape gardener and can no longer care for his family or garden since being diagnosed with this cruel disease.

He is now at the moderate stage of his disease; his home and garden have become an obstacle course. The disease is attacking his memory and his personality, Jordan says, “He’s gone from working full time, raising two children and now he can’t do either of those things…he’s constantly reminded of what he can’t achieve.” And the sad truth about this being a genetic form is that their twins have 50/50 chance of inheriting the same gene, meaning they too could have this disease later on in their lives.

When asked if we would like to be a part of the project, there was no hesitation. We knew that the Love Your Garden Team were very interested in having a water feature within the garden project, and we decided on  the perfect Foras feature for this – The Infinity Serene Rainbow Water Feature.

The Serene bowl is made out of Natural Rainbow sandstone so each one is completely unique, with no other like it. It is aptly named the Infinity Serene because of the large surface area of the water flowing gently over the bowl.

The infinity bowl is has an exquisite natural graining which is enhanced by the flowing water. The reservoir pump within the water feature kit can also be adjusted, to provide different movements and effects within the bowl. Birds are particularly attracted to sitting on the sturdy lip of this beautiful feature and bathing in the large bowl of water.

Sitting near this incredible water feature will instantly give you a feeling of peace and calm, and shows the beauty of nature’s elements. For more information about the products used on the show, read more here.