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Creativity in our gardens, keeping us outside a bit longer as there is still so much to enjoy & plenty to keep us active! Autumn is also the ideal season for planting for spring too.

The Autumn palette is glorious with its shades of ruby pinks & tones of plums to golden ambers & rich greens perfect in our flower beds & patio containers planters (via Free Delivery).

A combination of late flowering plants & shrubs (that are beautiful in their own right) create colour & vibrancy in our gardens. Creating schemes & focal points with architectural elegance, form & texture & bring an overall glow through to winter.

All these & more excel when it comes to Autumn colour.

Favourites are Japanese Anemones & Maples with tall bold simple flowers & leaves. Combine these with areas of Verbenas & Ice Plants.

Ice Plants

Ice plants are one of our favourite ground covers because of their tremendous blooming power and tolerance of harsh conditions. Lovely flowers begin to bloom in mid-spring and continue all the way through fall. Plants grow to only 4” tall.

Cooper’s Ice Plant
This purple ice plant is the most common variety.

Hardy Yellow Ice Plant
This species consists of lovely yellow flowers starburst.

Hardy White
An Ice Plant variety with pink flowers and a white centre is a Hardy white.

Plant loads of Bulbs in containers to get an amazing show for early spring and it dresses your house like a new vase or an amazing pair of designer curtains.

Be inspired with Hyacinths & Double Tulips, Cultivars for cutting & Christmas Roses.

Iron Weed

Use Ironweed with an exuberant bloom of fluffy purple tassel’s against the rich foliage of Beech. Weave in Bidens with their glorious colour palette. Impatiens are excellent for containers & are hardy in the cooler temperatures.

Continus Shrub

Reinventing colour in autumn are the stunning Continus Shrub varieties providing us with a fabulous array of colours in their foliage & leaves to include lime yellow, apricot & salmon pinks, scarlet to burgundies & deep purples. Our favourite is Lady Dwarf Smoke Bush


Let’s not forget about the many perennials that give us attractive seed heads that can be enjoyed through to winter. Cutting for fabulous flower displays with twigs, twisted Willow & Hazel – Drying Hydrangea Heads, Cow parsley to dress the house for Autumn/Winter & Christmas.

Favourites include Dogwood, Cone Flowers, Globe Thistle, Sea Holly, Agapanthus, ornamental grasses & bulbs, Silver Birch.

Tropical Plants

Don’t forget Interior Tropical Plants – great in containers, good for the purifying the air indoors and proven very good for stress relief and wellbeing. We have some new containers coming that are great for indoors or outdoors. Watch this space.


If you need further inspiration, why not visit outdoor events, autumn festivals & walks…

Enjoy this amazing season…

Kim works at our Burnham Market Design Studio combining creativity for Interiors & Exterior spaces. 

Kim Smart


Additional photos: Ice Plant, Iron Weed, Perennials