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Colour psychology is a big topic within the interiors industry at the moment. People are starting to play with colour within their homes, and whilst many will never move away from the beautifully balanced neutrals, there is a new trend for bringing in brighter colour to add personality into your home.

Decorative Moroccan Inspired Tile Mosaic – Foras Walls and Floors

It can be important to understand how a certain colour makes you feel and the different emotions that the colour evokes. As so many people are choosing to stay at home more and renovate their home as opposing to move, it’s even more important to feel comfortable within your home and to understand how certain rooms make you feel and what you need from that part of your home. If a certain room is not giving you the feeling that you think it should, then maybe a change in colour is needed.

Eiffel Grey Tumbled Limestone – Foras Walls and Floors £102.00 per sq.m

Whilst colour psychology is a relatively well-known topic, it is something that is completely subjective to the eye of the beholder. For example, yellow can be seen as a colour that evokes feelings of positivity and optimism, yet to some people it can be seen as a colour of caution and deceit.

Orange can often represent creativity, enthusiasm and balance and whilst it can be a very attractive colour to the eye, it is not as commanding as the colour red. Orange is often used as an accent colour to add a feeling of security and stability to a room, and is best used in bedrooms and living rooms.

Green is highly connected to wealth and fertility but to some it can be seen as a representation of envy. This is when tones of colours is very important, as one shade of green may connotate a completely different meaning to another, so it is important to ensure that the tone of the colour chosen suits your room and that you feel comfortable with the shade of colour! Remember if you do feel you have too much of that colour combine it with colours next to it on the colour wheel for a more harmonious palette.


Rustique Lightstone Porcelain Tile 3 Mix – Foras Walls and Floor £47.50 per sq.m

Overall, it is generally considered that warmer colours on the spectrum can often provide a sense of energy and excitement, whilst the paler, cool colours such as blue and white often provide a sense of simplicity and clarity.

Neutral colours like grey and beige are often chosen as they bring a sense of balance and calm to a room and can be a beautiful base colour with the potential of adding other highlights of colour through accessories or furniture.

Rustique Lightstone Porcelain Tile 3 Mix – Foras Walls and Floor £47.50 per sq.m

Neutrals can often be considered a very safe option for your home, but they are far from a boring choice, and when you add in different shapes and textures, neutrals can easily be transformed into the most interesting backdrop.

Vasiliki Nepi Decorative Italian Porcelain Tile – Foras Walls and Floors £5.20 per tile

Our grey limestone tiles add a beautiful sophisticated feel, that will look incredible with any other colour added. Our Barfleur Grey Limestone adds a warmth to the room with its subtle putty coloured tones, as it can bring a sense of reliability and strength- a perfect choice for floors within your home.

You can have lots of fun with grey tones too, as they don’t just have to be used to provide uniformity. Adding grey decorative tiles add that elegant tone that is synonymous with the colour but the decorative element adds a sense of flair to your room.

Barfleur Grey Tumbled Limestone – Foras Walls and Floors £75.00 per sq.m