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Troughs can be a great and stylish option to show off your plants when space is a concern. Container gardening can also do well, but trough planting has its own appeal and charm. Boxy trough planters on your patio, balcony or in your garden are not only suitable to grow brightly coloured flowers and edibles […]

When the winter blues set in and your longing for the bright colours and warmth of summer why not consider bringing your garden and plants indoors? Not only can they cleanse the air in your household, you can also grow your own delicious fruit and vegetables to serve up to family and friends. Those who […]

We had the pleasure of collaborating with KL Magazine on their Big Build Edition to present a project recently completed for a pair of our wonderful customers. You can see the lovely photos below and can read the full article here.

Throughout the summer we have watched the birds flit from the birdbath to the feeders pecking on peanuts and seeds put out for them. However now the weather is turning it’s time to think about keeping the birds (that are staying with us for the season) warm and dry this Autumn and Winter. Autumn is […]

Rain is great for the garden, but I much prefer the sun’s rays shining on me and my garden. I am sending you a heatwave warning to cheer you up. I am willing this cold front to move on to keep your summer going until at least October… I am not ready for Christmas talk […]

Whether you are sprucing up your garden or completely re-designing Foras have a range of stunning natural stone water features that will fit perfectly into any garden, courtyard or balcony. From the standout Bliss Trio with over 400kg of natural sandstone to our range of self contained water features we can suit any budget and […]

With beautiful weather and our summer party completed, we’re very excited to unveil our new showroom video. Having worked very hard to update our gardens with the latest in water features and the most sought after external flooring our new video (shot by drone we’ll have you know) is ready to be shown to the […]

Round stone bowls, flat ones,  zinc ones, slate ones, large ones, tall ones… What am I talking about? Beautiful planters, that’s what! And if you’re anything like me, you can’t have enough planters crammed full of simply gorgeous plants, especially at this time of year. And boy, we could all do with a splash of Spring colour to […]

BIRDS in our ‘Winter Gardens’ & beyond….‘‘Our birds need you” BIRDS can provide hours of enjoyment whether we are observing them fly through our skies in fabulous formations, flitting through our gardens, frolicking on the bird tables, splashing in Bird Baths or munching away on Bird Feeders. Attracting by design The combination of the right planting, garden […]

We asked our good friend Ash, Proprietor & Personal Trainer at EHF (Everybody Health & Fitness) what is the best route to getting in garden-ready shape, here’s what he had to say: After a recent personal training session, Claire asked me to write a few words on the comparative similarities between movement quality, resistance training […]

As our seasons change we spend more time in our kitchens, whether creating wonderful hearty & comforting foods, stylish canapés, fabulous afternoon teas, or entertaining…& of course chilling ‘The Fizz’. Our food culture today inspires us everyday to indulge our senses & create stylish presentations that act as a visual stimuli & deliver the feel […]

Would you like a garden to be proud of but think you’ve left it too late? Don’t worry, here’s a few tips to ensure a ‘blooming’ outside space even this late in the season … Getting tooled up – What’s better than finding a great new gardening tool that saves time and effort as you […]